New Tools – Download Them All, JavaRa, & more

The most powerful resource of this site has long been my ultimate list of tools, applications, and Firefox plug-ins. I’ve recently added some excellent apps that I wanted to highlight.

JavaRa – This is a wonderfully small and simple utility that does 1 thing, it detects and uninstalls old versions of Java. I’ve long complained that Sun doesn’t see fit to include this option into their update process so even when you install the latest secure version you are still left with the vulnerable version. JavaRa doesn’t require installation and it produces a log file of its actions. So anytime you update Java you should make JavaRa the next step. Link added to the Misc tools category.

Flash Uninstaller – This little known tool from Adobe solves the same problem for Adobe’s Flash product. If your browser detects that there is an update for Adobe Flash you should uninstall it with this utility prior to updating. Link added to the Misc tools category.

Download Them All – This wonderful Firefox extension is a download manager and accelerator all-in-one. Unlike other similar plug-ins it doesn’t require some third-party download accelerator to work. It significantly increases download speeds and offers filters to save certain file types to specific folders. It’s a must have! Link added to the Firefox Extensions category. Preview – The URL shortening service of has created a wonderful Firefox extension that previews the link and content for almost any shortened URL. It reduces the worry of shortened URLs leading you to a malicious website and is just too handy not to install. If you use this is a must have. Link added to the Firefox Extensions category.

Microsoft Log Parser – A powerful and versatile tool for searching any text based logs. This tool is excellent when trying to identify patterns or problems in any log file. Combine with Log Parser Lizard. Link added to the Misc tools category.

Log Parser Lizard – Lizard provides an excellent GUI front end to Microsoft Log Parser. It is much better at managing queries and exports. Link added to the Misc tools category.

Display Fusion – This is the best multi-display manager I’ve found. It will stretch wallpaper with advanced aspect/ratio options, set different wallpapers on different desktops, and includes great window snap to features. The killer feature (beyond wallpapers) is the ability to drag a maximized window from one monitor to the other. If you have 2+ monitors this is an app worth having. Link added to the Misc tools category.

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