New Apps, Twitter clients, Dropbox+Truecrypt

A run down of the things I’m testing, trying, and liking…

Recently Discovered iPhone apps I’m loving

Garmin onDemand – $0.99 Requires active data connection. Terrific navigation app. Instantly became my go to map app.

Twittelator Neue – $1.99 Best Twitter iPhone app I’ve ever used. Inline photos, intuitive controls and just plain awesome. App – Free. I’m good a geek but an Auto Dunce. This site and mobile app has been a great resource for me.

Cloud Encryption

I finally decided to test syncing a Truecrypt volume via Dropbox and I’m very pleased with the result. It allows me to keep an encyrpted set of files synced across several computers.

Create a truecrypt volume within your local dropbox folder, when you unmount it then Dropbox will detect the change and sync it. I’m only a week in but really liking the solution. I’m using a 150Mb volume without any issues.

If you need details leave a comment.

Minimalist Twitter Client

Sometimes I don’t want my full blown Tweetdeck open on the computer. Just something light that will let me know if I have a mention.

I found the Destroy Twitter client thanks to @akula and I’m liking it. Don’t expect all the bells and whistles but it is simple and small. Worth a look.

Now can someone explain why it’s named Destroy Twitter?

Your Turn

Found anything interesting or useful lately? New apps or tips?

I’d love to hear from you.

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