NAFTA Super Highway

This is old news but I’ve found that many people are unaware of this massive project. There is a massive road being built across the US. The NAFTA superhighway is a 400 yard wide highway leading from Mexican ports up to the Northern United States. The primary reason is to facilitate trade from Chinese manufacturers to US consumers.

There are alot of details in the linked story so I highly recommend it. I’ve got two major problems with this project. 1) The first Customs check point is in KANSAS CITY, MO. (964 miles) into the heartland of the US. 2) Why the secrecy?

I’m further convinced that this is pushing us towards a new “North American Union” that will encroach upon the sovereignty of the United States of America. Be informed and a alert.

BTW, have you wondered about why the dollar is allowed to slip? I’m not an economics expert but it makes me think that if the dollar continues to weaken at some point will have the answer of switching to the Amero for currency.

Something to think about.

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