My thoughts 24 hours into Google+

Google+ is the smartest social network I’ve ever used and it has more potential to change how I use the web than anything I’ve seen in a decade.

What is it?

  • Facebook without the noise & junk.
  • Twitter with context & 1000x more functionality.
  • Friendfeed without the cacophony of aggregated content.

Why it matters?


It is the first social network to begin to replicate real relationships.

Twitter & Facebook offer 2 choices: friend or follow. No middle ground. Life isn’t like that and Google+ circles allows you to segment & mix relationships however you choose. It’s asynchronous, like Twitter, so a reciprocated relationship isn’t required to connect.


Perhaps the most social feature I’ve ever seen. At its core it’s just group video chat but it’s different when enabled in a large social network where you are already present. I’ve visited with friends today I never get to chat with and met friends of friends just by “hanging out”. It’s a perfect name and killer feature. Skype should be very concerned.


It looks good & feels good. The UI is intuitive and the platform screams “interact with me”. It is omnipresent on google services so you can be sure most of us will often be a click away from connecting.


I just handed Google my social graph and I fully expect my search results are going to get much better in the coming months.


I might be overly exuberant due to shiny-new-object syndrome but it has exceeded all my expectations. It’s polished and just lovely.

Google learned the lessons of wave & buzz and I think they have a hit on their hands.

Will it kill Facebook in the foreseeable future? No. But competition is sorely needed & Google+ just changed the game.

No idea where it’s headed but I’m a fan.

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Update: And you don’t have to take my word for it.

  • Jesse Stay & Mari Smith (THE 2 Facebook experts) both have very positive impressions.
  • My wife, a regular person who is seldom impressed, even said “that’s cool” when I showed her circles & hangout.

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5 responses to “My thoughts 24 hours into Google+”

  1. Nitin Nanivadekar says:

    Can you provide me an invite so I would second your thought? email: nitin . nanivadekar at gmail dot com

  2. Ken Sanders says:

    Now you need a +1 button for your blog đŸ™‚
    I mentioned yesterday it is what Twitter’s homepage could have been – intuitive. I got the most use out of Twitter in the early days by SMS, and there are very few people who use the web interface for updates and perusing. Facebook was good at that, and they ran away with it with all the ads, games, and eventual spam. I like it so far, and as it grows in popularity, I hope that there are as many posting options to Google+ just as Twitter and Facebook.

    • Keith says:

      I think you are exactly right on the homepage and intuitive design. Someone said that G+ fits right in the middle between Twitter and Facebook and I think that is spot on.

      Just got the 1+ button added, didn’t see much cause till now.

  3. Mike Mueller says:

    I am only 12 hours into and had to sleep for a substantial portion of that, but I agree with you, Keith. I am pleasantly surprised. I look forward to them opening it more so we can get a true sense of its experience. It seems to most closely replicate how we as humans relate socially–creating “circles” of friends that overlap, divert, and expand. 

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