Microsoft Outlook DST Update

With the new Daylight Savings Time (DST) you might find that your Microsoft Outlook Calendar is showing appointments that are an hour off. If so then the following instructions should resolve the issue

Download tzmove.exe from link, After download double click the executable to run the program.

Once the program opens:

  1. Checkmark to accept the Microsoft License terms-> Click Continue
  2. Give it a moment to open.
  3. When prompted uncheck the box to “Move meetings you organized” – This will prevent unnesscary meeting update notifications.
  4. The program will then scan for appointments that are affected by the DST changes. If it finds calendar items you can click details to see the precise appointments that it will update.
  5. Click OK update the appointments, and when finished click ok to close the program.

For more information on tzmove.exe visit KB931667. For more extensive DST update information you can visit here

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