Media Destruction Services for Good

I’m often asked about trustworthy methods to destroy hard-drives, backup tapes, and external drives so when I heard about this service I just had to share.

The United Cerebral Palsy of Arkansas offers media destruction services. It’s a full service offering and not only do you get great value you also know that you helped support the UCP.

For more information contact: Dan Leslie, 501-228-3814,

Per Unit Pricing:

 0.8 cubic foot Carton $18.00
1.2 cubic foot Carton $21.60
1.8 cubic foot Carton $36.00
2.4 cubic foot Carton $48.60
3.6 cubic foot Carton $72.00
Shrink-Wrapped Pallet or Gaylord $707.00
32 Gallon Security Console $45.90
65 Gallon Container $90.35
175 Gallon Container $228.60
Per stop charge (applicable for multiple-stop routes) $50.00
Minimum charge (applicable if combination of transportation and destruction charges is <$50.00) $50.00
Vendor Container delivery charge during non-scheduled route or Regular (non-DTS) Transportation Pickup Charge $25.00
Vendor Container delivered during normal scheduled shred service route or bin swap service. $0.00
Hourly Labor Charge (Special projects, labor to palletize cartons upon request, etc.) $30.00
Hard Drive Destruction $5.00

Transportation Fees (based on round-trip mileage):

0-30 miles $141.00
31-60 miles $225.00
61-90 miles $280.00
91-120 miles $390.00
121-150 miles $450.00
151-180 miles $500.00
181-210 miles $650.00
211-240 miles $825.00

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