Maynor drops the bomb

Security Focus | Mar 1 2007 | link

Six months after the security researcher (David Maynor)and his colleague Jon Ellch claimed that Mac OS X wireless drivers were vulnerable to attack, Maynor on Wednesday revealed the code he used to exploit a native flaw in the platform as well as e-mails showing he notified Apple as to the danger. Maynor said the flaw was in the driver for the Broadcom wireless chip, the hardware under the hood of many MacBooks and PowerBooks.

From Maynor’s Blog

The last 20 minutes of the presentation are devoted to Apple. Since I am no longer gagged I will finally, publicly refute the statements Apple made concerning never sharing anything with them. I will go through the timeline of what was shared, when, and what vulnerability it will point to.

I’m quite glad that David is no longer being squashed by Apple and that he can call BS on lots of doubters.

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