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This is the presentation and tools post in my series, “Know the Flow: tools and theory for distributing social media content

If you take the time to create good content, take the time to share it well. There is no magic formula, only thoughtfulness + tools.

Know the Flow is my approach to social media data flow.

Over the next week I’ll be sharing some of my theory and tips that I touched on in a recent #SoSocial presentation. Consider this the starter pack.

Tools & Theory for social media content distribution

Distribution Tools

  1. Social Blogs
    1. – Powerful publishing platform that excels in sharing content across multiple channels. Excellent distribution combined with dead simple email updating. If you have a client that is adverse to learning blogging this should be your answer.
    2. – Very popular social blogging site with extensive design and theme options. Integrates with Twitter & Facebook and offers the best blogging bookmarklet I’ve ever seen.
  2. Facebook
    1. Networked Blogs App – This is the best method for publishing an RSS feed to your Facebook profile or page. Easy setup and clean integration.
    2. Selective Twitter App – Allows you to update your facebook status by adding #fb to the end of a tweet.
  3. Twitter
    1. Hootsuite – Full featured twitter client, that cross posts to Linkedin & Facebook, also allows scheduled updates and RSS integration
    2. Twitter Tools WordPress Plugin – This is THE twitter wordpress plugin. Autotweet new blog posts, twitter status sidebar widget all in one.
    3. Reader2Twitter – Tweet any items you share from Google Reader [Example]
    4. Favorite Tweets – Tweet any tweets you mark as favorite [Example]
  4. Even More…
    1. Recommended Reading WordPress Plugin – Create blog posts from Google Reader shared items. Good customization and easy setup. [Example]
    2. Linkedin Twitter Integration – Update your Linkedin status by adding #in to the end of a tweet
    3. – URL shortener that allows you to update Facebook & Twitter simultaneously and scheduled updates
  5. Power Apps
    1. Yahoo Pipes – Advanced data manipulation and output. Not a beginner tool but very powerful. [Example]
    2. Friendfeed – Easy method to autotweet any inbound content stream


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