Joost – Internet TV

The guys behind Kazaa and Skype have set their sites on Internet TV. Janus Friis, Niklas Zennstrom, and 60 other top engineers — veterans of Apple, Flickr and Firefox, are bringing TV to the internet and are already wowing beta users with the product.

Joost™ – Formerly the “Venice Project” is currently in invitation only beta testing but is expected to be released to the public sometime this summer. You will download their FREE application and have thousands of channels at your disposal.

Their about section of their website states, “Joost™ is a new way to watch TV, free of the schedules and restrictions that come with traditional television. Combining the best of TV with the best of the internet, Joost™ gives you more control and freedom than ever before – control over what you watch, and freedom to watch it whenever you like…”

Time™ magazine has a great article on the project and you can see screenshots here.

I can’t wait for this project to come online.

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