It’s so hard to say Goodbye…. Lavasoft

I wish I knew how long Lavasoft’s Ad-Aware mainstays of my toolkit and recommendation list. But sometimes people just grow apart, it’s not you, it’s me, scratch that-it’s you.

I hate the new version of Ad-Aware. I honestly tried to like it. The UI is perty (not a typo) but everything else is WORSE. First the update, it’s abysmal; it is difficult to tell if you need definition updates or software updates or both. Or you think it isn’t updating and click it again to be told it is already running. Plus the new Adwatch icon on the desktop-grrrrr, don’t give me an icon to software that I don’t even have.

Finally, the scans take forever! Not to mention I can’t name one thing that improved in the new version. Not good.

Yes I concede I’ll still recommend Ad-Aware on a limited basis but it says alot that I don’t have installed on single PC I use.

Am I alone on this? What AS solution are you using these days?

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