Is your Multifunction Copier a Security Risk?

I consider myself to be fairly well informed on issues concerning data security and privacy and I found this to be absolutely astonishing. Could your Multi-function Copier be on the of the most high value data targets in your organization?

I discovered this 2010 CBS News Investigative report this morning via my friend @pulrich. It’s quite disturbing.


Before I contribute to uninformed alarmism it should be noted that CBS made quite a splash with this investigative report and at least to a degree the industry has responded.

Several of the major MFP manufacturers have published security portals or papers that outline how they are addressing these issues.

What should you do?


If you are a business with an MFP or considering an MFP ask questions of our Print Services provider or account rep. Don’t let them try to dazzle you with standards, ask clear questions about automatic wiping or encryption and then ask for certification documentation.

If you are evaluating a new printer I’d suggest starting with this list of Common Criteria Certified Products, (Click on Multi-Function Devices)


Before you sell or end the lease of your current MFP have a procedure to wipe the Hard Drive and clear the NVRAM. If the MFP is end-of-life yank the data storage components and use a secure destruction service to dispose of them.



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