Illegal Downloaders Spend More on Music

The BBC has an article concerning the myths of illegal file sharing as it pertains to music “pirates”. Those who illegally share music online are big spenders when it comes to legal acquisition of music.

The digital music research firm The Leading Question “found that regular downloaders of unlicensed music spent an average of £5.52($6.713)a month on legal digital music. This compares to just £1.27(1.544)spent by other music fans.”

A difference of $5.17 per month.

“According to the music industry, legal downloads have tripled during 2005. …

In the first half of 2005, some 10 million songs have been legally downloaded.”

This shouldn’t be news to most of you. It’s obvious that those that want the music are fans, just ask the Dave Matthews Band about their success with releasing songs via file-sharing programs.

I’m glad to see this trend towards accepting the technology and medium or song downloading. Unfortunately some snares still exist. Wal-mart’s service only allows you to have the song on one computer and iTunes (the most popular) restricts their songs to a proprietary file format. Good marketing strategy, poor policy.

Perhaps these type reports will help pull the RIAA’s head out of the sand. I still won’t ever purchase any Metallica product ever. Ahoy!

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