If I could tell all SMBs one thing

Businesses are cutting costs and trimming tech budgets. Daily I see small business owners express shock at the cost of I.T. solutions. I’m a friend and advocate for private business and I’m a fan of people making money but I’m tired of explaining the price of tech.

If I could only share one insight with the world of small business it would be a new way to see the cost of tech.


The math

To hire a good administrative assistant in the heartland you’ll pay around $27,000 in annual salary. Add %10 employer cost for benefits and we’ll round to $30,000 per year. Over the course of 4 years that employee will cost you $120,000, not to mention vacation and sick days.

If your network consists of 2 servers, firewall, switches, 25 computers, 3 printers, its cost is around $50,000 including software. Add tech support and replacement costs over a 4 year period and we reach a final total of $75,000 – $85,000 and that’s a high estimate.

The questions

If that employee calls in sick tomorrow will you be able to do business?

If your entire computer network calls in sick tomorrow will you be able to do business?

  • Employee cost: $120,000 (4 year period)
  • Network Cost: $85,000 (4 year period)

Which one of them is crucial for you to do business?

Budget, plan ahead, and see your tech as a resource not a cost.

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