I married a geek and lived to tell about it. #lifewithageek

funny We geeks are a special lot. 1 part scientist, 1 part artist, 1 part insanity, mix in 2 helpings of passion and geeks get pretty interesting. We can do some pretty strange things that some people just don’t understand. Thankfully most of us have found someone just crazy enough to love us anyways. Here’s the story of how #Lifewithageek was born.

Last week at the LRTweetup I found myself in hysterics listening to a couple of ladies (@kerrijack & @victoria_powell) trade stories about their geek husbands’ antics. I was considering which of my exploits my wife would contribute and then I had an epiphany, everyone has these stories. Here was an untapped gold mine of stories from geek spouses the world over. For example:

Have you every left the house for just a couple of days and come back to find new TV service, DVRs, surround sound, and a media server? –Reason given- I got a deal

Did you ask your spouse to build a deck and they proceeded to diagram it in Visio and then built a 3D model in Google Sketchup?

Did you ever ask your spouse to fix a toilet seat and came back to a bathroom stripped to the studs?

Is it completely normal to have 3x the number of computers than people in a home?

Have you ever had to remove a new house from consideration due to the lack of broadband internet?

What story will you tell? What strangeness and hilarity has ensued by being married (significant other qualifies) to a geek? We want to hear your story.

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We can’t wait to hear from you. Let the laughing begin.

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