Huckabee releases workout DVD

I would love to see our governor’s job description. I was under the impression that a governor’s priorities would center around economic growth, education, and legislative agenda.

However, I’ve become increasingly disappointed with the inordinate amount of time that our governor has devoted to various health issues. I’m glad you lost the weight sir I really am… but first Healthy Arkansas, then the Arkansas Center for Health Improvement, now a smoking ban has been placed on the special session agenda. Give me a break Gov, is this what I’m paying you for?

We’ve got bigger fish to fry (or bake).

One response to “Huckabee releases workout DVD”

  1. Trouble says:

    How is it that the president can have his own agenda and you have nothing but respect for him but the governor can’t have his own agenda? Isn’t that a double standard? I mean, weren’t you telling me (and I’m paraphrasing here) that a person with convictions, who believes he/she is right has your respect? I understand that there are more important issues than losing weight, stopping smoking and running marathons, and I totally agree that “Say no to Fat” isn’t the best national platform on which to seek the presidency. But starting wars all over the world because of oil doesn’t necessarily seem to be the best course of action, either.

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