How to report text spam to AT&T

no-sms-spamI recently acquired a new AT&T phone number and I’ve seen a sharp increase in text spam in the past few weeks. Although the amount of text spam isn’t overwhelming yet many of them seem to point to malicious services trying to get you to opt-in to some paid text alert system.

AT&T says they are aggressive in addressing cell phone spam so here’s a quick tip on how to help fight it.

How to Report Spam to AT&T

  1. Copy/Paste or Fwd the “body” of the spam message and send it to 7726 (SPAM)
  2. After AT&T sends an automated reply you will respond with the phone number that sent the spam message.
    1. If you are an iPhone user I’ve found that its easiest to click add contact on the offending number and then copy/past the number from there. Just don’t save the new contact.
  3. Finally if the spam message was sent from a shortcode number, 5-6 digit number, you can reply with STOP

For additional protection visit From this page you can create a mobile alias and block all texts sent from email addresses to your mobile number address (

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I have not found similar methods for Verizon but I did find a reference to as a way to set some of these filters.

For additional reading see AT&T’s Guide to “What you can do to control cell phone spam

Finally if you are really upset the FTC has a complaint form, Form 1088

Your Turn

Predict how long before we need consumer facing spam filters like we all use on our email inbox?

Also, If you have additional methods that are documented for any other provider please leave them in the comments.

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