How to really sync Google with your iPhone

syncAre you a Gmail user and you own an iPhone? You probably aren’t taking full advantage of either product. Want faster mail delivery or multiple calendars? Here is the advanced setup.

The Better Setup for Gmail on iPhone

Many people assume they should use the Google Mail option when adding their Gmail account to their phone but it doesn’t support push mail, meaning that new mail isn’t automatically pushed to your iPhone. What you should use is Microsoft Exchange.

Here’s How

  1. Select Microsoft Exchange under the “Add Account”
  2. Use your full email address in the Email field
  3. Leave domain blank
  4. Use your full email address as your username
  5. Use your Google password as the Password
    1. (If you get a “Unable to Verify Certificate” box at this point just choose cancel.
  6. A new Server field will appear, enter
  7. Tell it to sync your email, calendars, and contacts

Next we’ll look at how to enable multiple Google Calendars

Sync Multiple Google Calendars to your iPhone

I balance my life among 4 personal calendars so just having my primary google calendar on my iPhone doesn’t help me much. Here’s how to enable more.

  1. Using your iPhone visit
  2. Sign in with your Google Account
  3. Click “Sync” and you should see your iPhone listed here
  4. Checkmark the additional calendars you’d like to sync
  5. Now open your iPhone Calendar app, select calendars in top left and you should now see the additional calendars added to your phone. Just select the ones you want to be visible.

This gives you full advantage of my Google account on my iPhone. Contacts are synced so they aren’t ever lost, all of your calendars are synced and visible, and mail arrives ASAP.

I’m an Goooglephile who can’t live without an iPhone and I’ve been using this configuration for years. It’s much more stable and responsive and sings through 1000 contacts and 5 calendars. All that is to say… you can take my word on this.

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  1. @Keith, I am having a hard time following your instructions on the setup for Gmail on the iPhone. Being a fairly new iPhone user, I am not seeing the same options that you are referring to so I am not sure I am looking in the correct place.

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