Hamas Funding

In the recent coverage of the Hamas elected leadership there has been much discussion concerning the funding of the organization.
The US has a long standing policy of not negotiating with terrorists, much less bankrolling them. Ergo, the US and EU are at a crossroads concerning the continued funding of the Palestinian people and their government. In the midst of this coverage something jumped out at me: The US/EU funnels $900 million a year to Palestine.

$900 Million a year??? And yet we are despised as infidels.

Not to mention Israel is saying it will cease the transfer of $55 million in taxes and customs that it collects from Palestinian workers to the newly elected Hamas government. (Due to the fact that well…. Hamas kills Israelis)

There is concern that Hamas may not even be able to make payroll this coming week. Never fear though Iran is offering all the help that it can. I feel better already.

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