Hack Sneaks Past Firewall to Intranet

DarkReading.com | Kelly Jackson Higgins | July 18, 2007 | link

David Byrne, security architect for EchoStar Satellite, will demonstrate next month at Black Hat USA how the DNS pinning (a.k.a. DNS rebinding) vulnerability in Java can be used to leap past the perimeter firewall and access the corporate intranet. The browser basically becomes a proxy server for the attacker.

“Everyone is at risk, and for a long time they’ve been relying on their network firewalls to protect them from an attack like this,” Byrne says. “This is one method of bypassing perimeter firewalls… In the end, you can’t completely trust your perimeter firewalls.”

Byrne’s talk “Intranet Invasion With Anti-DNS Pinning” is Day 1, Aug 1 at 10A in Palace 1. I’d imagine this will be a spectacular talk. I’ll give you my thoughts upon my return from Vegas.

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