Hack my Son’s Computer

Hack My Son’s Computer, Please | Jennifer Granick | May 23 2007 | Wired.com

This article is a summary review of United States vs. Andrus written by Jennifer Granick ( Jennifer Granick is executive director of the Stanford Law School Center for Internet and Society, and teaches the Cyberlaw Clinic.) Please take the time to read the entire post at Wired as this case will serve as weighty precedence in American case law concerning digital rights and access.

“Can an elderly father give police permission to search a password-protected computer kept in his adult son’s bedroom, without probable cause or a warrant? In April, a three judge panel of the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals said yes.”

“If courts are going to treat computers as containers, and if owners must lock containers in order to keep them private from warrantless searches, then police should be required to look for those locks. Password protected computers and locked containers are an inexact analogy, but if that is how courts are going to do it, then its inappropriate to diminish protections for computers simply because law enforcement chooses to use software that turns a blind eye to owners’ passwords.”

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