Getting your business hip by going (four)square

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With all the noise we’ve been making about Foursquare Day (Fri Apr 16) your organization might be considering this strange new world of location based social networking for the first time.

Sure it’s nifty, new and fun… but fun doesn’t translate to the bottom line.

Regardless if you are a non-profit, a restaurant, or a local retailer the question remains the same,

Is establishing a presence on Foursquare worth it? foursquare for business

If your market is local then the answer is absolutely.

Seizing the Opportunity

Location based social networks (geosocial) offer an amazing opportunity for your business. The platforms allow your clients and customers to interact, leave tips, and recommend your business to their friends. These relationships lead to more people walking in your front door.

The rest is up to you.

Getting There First

Statistically, your competition hasn’t discovered location based social networks. I can assure you the local Foursquare community can name every single business in Central Arkansas that is engaging people through these applications. The numbers are staggering-

In one year, they’ve obtained about 600,000 users (now they’re getting very close to breaking 1 Million users), have over 16 Million checkins, have over 1.4 Million venues in the database (all created by users mind you).  That’s fairly impressive no?  Out of the over 1.4 Million venues, only about 1200 venues have special offers.  Really?  Can you say "Opportunity"? [link]

This means you can get noticed and create loyal customers before the next business even creates a presence.

It’s likely people have already added your business and you don’t even know it. Want proof? Look at the Foursquare checkins within 50mi of Little Rock.

This is an exciting place to meet your customers and clients and you don’t have to take our word for it

When you are ready to get started just visit to claim your business venue. (PS: A twitter account can really boost your Foursquare presence)

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