Get Things Done Twitter Style

stopwatchI mentioned the other day that I can now update my tasklist, expense reports, and notepad all through Twitter DMs and many of you were instantly intrigued. Twitter DMs and text make things so easy and quick and by using the right application they become a serious productivity hack.

Here’s how I do it.

*Note: To use the texting features I mention below you’ll need to setup your mobile phone to use Twitter via SMS.

Add a task via Twitter

toodledo_avatarToodledo has been my task-list manager of choice for almost a year. (For more about Toodledo see my productivity system.) Toodledo’s functionality and flexibility are unmatched and it integrates with a variety of services, like Twitter. Here’s what you need to get to add tasks via DMs:

  1. You’ll need a free Toodledo account
  2. Enable Toodledo Twitter integration.

Once you’re setup you can create a task by texting

“d toodledo Call John #tomorrow” to 40404

It creates a task with a due date for the next day. Toodledo offers lots of options to add extra info to the DM, just review the “How to use Twitter with Toodledo

Add a note via Twitter

evernote_avatarEvernote is my ultimate notebook and a key element of my streamlined work flow. Evernote has applications for PC, Mac & smart phones but I still find myself adding quick notes via Twitter.

2 great reasons to enable Twitter and Evernote

  • Super fast way to fire off a quick note or idea
  • See a tweet or link you want to research further? Quote it and send to @myEN

To get started

  1. Setup a free Evernote account
  2. Follow @myEN – They will follow you back and send you a link via DM to authorize your accounts

To send an update you can send a tweet and include @myEN or sent a DM to myEN. Quick & Easy.

Add an Expense item via Twitter

xpn_avatarI’ve recently started using Xpenser, to track business expenses. It’s lightweight but fits my needs perfectly. You can add expenses through email, IM, and Twitter DMs.

  1. Setup a Free Xpenser account
  2. Enable Twitter integration in Xpenser by clicking Account and adding your Twitter ID

Just text “d xpn lunch 32.46 with John” to 40404 and it will add the expense to your account. You can add a receipt photo and more details later through their website but by adding it via DM it’s one less thing to remember.

Bonus Tip: Want to add a quick calendar appoint via DM? Check out (@gcal). [Update: A commenter pointed out that twittercal is broken.] I haven’t used this service personally but worth checking out.


Twitter has become the ultimate SMS/texting service. Once you get comfortable with Twitter texting it’s a great way to stay in touch with friends and with the right services to keep your life organized and updated.


4 responses to “Get Things Done Twitter Style”

  1. Keith says:

    Wow, thank you Rob. Love your twitter bot, great way to give folks an easy
    way to give updates. You might consider introducing them to Twitter’s fast
    follow feature and they could simply text “follow nzposttracking” to 40404
    and it will give them an easy way to follow you and create an Twitter

    Thanks for the kind comment and tipping me to your feature. Awesome.

  2. Keith says:

    Sorry I should have been more clear. DM is short for Direct message. It’s a
    way of sending a private message between 2 users that follow each other.
    Further explanation from Twitter Help –

    All twitter apps support Direct Messages and if your mobile phone is setup
    with twitter you can send a recieve DMs as text messages.

    For example I can text:

    “d Johndoe I’m running late” to 40404 and it would send a direct message to

    I hope that answers the question if not please let me know and I’ll try to
    explain further.


  3. Keith says:

    Very cool. My system isn’t as formalized as those methods but as long as
    “everything is somewhere” I can manage it.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Keith says:

    Thanks for the feedback – I wasn’t sure and don’t use it so good to know its
    actually broken.

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