The Impact and Opportunity of GeoSocial on Real Estate

What impact are location based social networks going to have on the real estate business? As a  home buyer, seller, or Realtor what should you understand about this location information around you? Is there an opportunity here?

Listen as Jessica Hickok, @sugarcube, and I discuss the intersection of GeoSocial and Real Estate.

Don’t miss the great tips at the end of how your Real Estate business can use these platforms to build your reputation, become more visible, and be seen as the “go to” people for a particular area.

Thanks to Jessica for sharing her insights. To connect with her follow @sugarcube, visit her personal website, and check out Dizmang Associates at (Check out how she’s using WordPress to list properties).

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The tweet that started this conversation

Showing houses in an upscale neighborhood… Check out all the cool 4sq places these buyers could have! #sarcasm than a minute ago via Echofon

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2 responses to “The Impact and Opportunity of GeoSocial on Real Estate”

  1. Paul says:

    Nice Podcast. I always learn from Jessica; smartest girl geek I know!

    • Keith says:

      Thank you Paul. I was just fortunate to sit in the right place at the right
      time to meet her. Glad you enjoyed the podcast. Thanks for listening and for
      saying Hi. I appreciate it.

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