GeoSocial Finally Discovers Events


It seems that Foursquare and Facebook have gotten the memo that not everything is a place or venue. Events have been the mostly forgotten element to GeoSocial services and it has the potential to be one of its biggest benefits.

Whether it’s a conference or concert people are much more likely to check-in, interact, and discover places and people when they are at an event but beyond this the opportunity for event organizers to plan and engage attendees through location based social networks is tremendous.

Let’s Review

Next up..

These are all steps in the right directions but it still leaves us lacking a few needed features.

  1. Eventbrite Integration – I think this is the killer feature for Foursquare or Gowalla is to allow people to check-in to an event organized through Eventbrite.
  2. Organizer Tools – Allow us to create an event prior to it happening and roll out business dashboard tools for organizers to add tips and info and schedule when it goes live.
  3. Engagement Tools – Let the organization that claims the event tie into it and interact with attendees as well as get check-in analytics.

I’m certainly not the first to have these ideas and I’m sure these services are already working toward these goals but the service that gets there first will get some serious attention from bloggers and business alike.

PS: Kudos to Gowalla for doing this a year ago and while I give 4sq a hard time about the global venue I really like their emphasis on exploring and their latest updates. Good stuff.

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