FriendFeed Manifesto

I am an internet consumer and lover of social media.

I’ve got plenty of certification alphabet soup behind my name and years of experience but I’m still in a awe of the technology around me. I eat, breath, sleep tech. I love what technology can do for people and I love how it is changing our world. It has lead to a hyper-evolution over the past 30 years that few could even imagine.

I consume, I share.

Whether in the digital world or real life if I find something interesting I want to share it with others that I think would also find it intriguing or informative. Technology has greatly enhanced our ability to share this information with those around us. Initially it manifested itself in BBS’s, then email, forums, blogs, social networking, and most recently microblogging sites and aggregators. Aggregating technology is really the pinnacle (so far) of efficiency when it comes to sharing things we like. When you consider that items you like take numerous forms (pics, posts, vids, etc..) at numerous locations (blogs,, social networks) then discovering a technology that brings these various pools of information into one stream AND that stream can be shared with others is really a watershed event.

However, this deluge of information comes with a major drawback. A drawback that I refer to as noise. Noise is the content of little worth, uninteresting, unreliable, the nutritional equivalent of styrofoam. So we must develop way of reducing the noise and honing our energies on worthy content. One of the most effective ways to filter this noise is to rely on other human beings. Reputation and recommendation systems provide methods of finding the best content on the internet. It is an imperfect system to be sure but it is still very effective. The using of such system to discover good content while ignoring the fluff is what I refer to as the Signal-to-Noise ration (SNR).

In total, the best system would involve combining data from multiple sources into a single stream and using a recommendation system to achieve a good SNR. This is what Friendfeed does and I love it.

I’m looking for more people out there to share what they find so I in turn find good stuff and feed the system. We strive to not be merely a consumer but the producers and filters of the internet. I want the best and I’d like you to help me find it. How do we do this? Read, Share, Blog, Favorite, Twitter, Tag… etc Participate in the community and we will all be better for it.

And for my money Friendfeed is the most powerful tool of the Social Media Web.

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  1. Ken Stewart says:

    Tsu, I think half of the challenge moving into this next generation of information is filtering the noise and weeding through those individual you cant trust to feed you information you enjoy – or that challenges you intellectually. That last part is also important or else we end up with a homogenius soup of watered down reality and half-baked opinions.

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