Firefox 3 tips and tweaks | Power User’s Guide to Firefox 3 by Gina Trapani | link

Firefox 3 was released less than a week ago and already has a great post with a laundry list of Firefox 3 tweaks. I’ll only highlight a couple of the most useful.

Delete Mistyped URL Suggestions and Other Auto-complete Entries – To remove a mistyped URL from your suggestion list forever, key down to the suggestion and type Shift+Delete on the Mac, and just Delete on Windows

Trick Out Your Smart Bookmarks

  1. Open up the Bookmarks Organizer by going to the Bookmarks Menu, and click “Organize Bookmarks”
  2. Click the Organize Menu and choose “New Bookmark”
  3. Give the Smart Bookmark a name and then we will enter the query parameters in the “Location” field. See the Examples below to get started. Just enter the text between the quotes.
    1. 10 Most Visited Sites: “place:queryType=0&sort=8&maxResults=10”
    2. 10 Most Recent Bookmarks: “place:queryType=1&sort=12&maxResults=10”
    3. 15 Most Visited Bookmarks: “place:queryType=1&sort=8&maxResults=15”
    4. 10 Most Visited Sites with “XYZ” in them: “place:queryType=0&sort=8&maxResults=10&terms=XYZ

For a extensive list of parameters you can visit the MozillaZine Forums.

Finally for a Firefox 3 easter egg you can type about:robots in the address bar.

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