Field Notes & Observations

fieldnotes_smallA jumble of things I’m watching and reading that won’t fit into 140.

Things I’m watching

Hashable – from the @hashable twitter bio “post meaningful connections with people and see who else in your community is connecting.”


I first saw this service back in the fall but it’s gaining traction in my network of friends. Hashable encourages you to share you interactions and helps you discover valuable relationships. If you use Twitter for networking I think this is definitely a one to watch. It’s lean and easy to update via a tweet.

Wikileaks – Regardless of your opinion you should be playing close attention to this story and its ramifications for government, technology, & journalism. Here are links to the best analysis and opinions I’ve read:

My 2 cents. Personally I wouldn’t have posted the documents and I think their disclosure will result in more negative outcomes than positive ones. That said I completely support Wikileaks right to post them. Government censorship is a very slippery slope and you don’t get rights back.

New & Nifty

Yes Gawker got hacked and there are new Facebook profiles but I assume you’ve heard about these already.

Intriguing Stats

Forrester Research says that 86% of Foursquare/Gowalla users are younger than 43 years old, more than 70% have a college degree and the average income is $105,000 /via @levshapiro

Pew Research says 8% of American adults who use the internet are Twitter users.

Things I’m still waiting on…

Unified Facebook messaging – I’m beginning to think it’s a myth. Still waiting for this to be enabled on my account.

Twitter analytics – @Mashable said that it would debut by the end of 2010. I hope we get something more than celebrity Twitter trees in the next 17 days.

Google Me – Google’s clandestine social network continues to be delayed. I assume they are too busy creating the Google Latitude iPhone app. Yawn inducing.

What did I miss?

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