Feature Famine

As I spend more time with Google+ and play with Facebook video chat I’m left with a single question –

What happened to innovation at Twitter?


The past year of social innovation.

Since July 2010,

Facebook has introduced:

  • New Facebook Groups which are probably the best group technology the web has produced.
  • Facebook Places
  • Facebook Deals
  • Facebook Questions
  • Facebook Messaging and now Video chat

Google built an entire social network with revolutionary features like hangouts and circles.

Twitter meanwhile updated its interface.

  • The #NewTwitter Web interface was introduced and over complicated everything
  • They bought an iPhone app called Tweetie and made it worse.
  • They bought Tweetdeck because they couldn’t improve upon it. (Watch for the Twitter branded version to reduce its functionality)
  • A few search improvements, hit the lotto with Apple, and built a Mac client.
  • [Update: I neglected to mention suggesting people to follow and email notifications. I forgot about them because they are precisely forgettable]

An underwhelming list of achievements.

Simple but Functional

Twitter should be simple.

However, the lack of basic features to address spam/noise, organize people, and create a searchable archive are beginning to really bug me and from the looks of my timeline I’m not the only one.

A laundry list of much needed improvements are being left untouched while Twitter  focuses selling promoted tweets and become the greatest celebrity stalker service ever.

May I suggest:

  • Improve Twitter Lists – Google just changed the game with circles almost 2 years after introducing lists they are still too limited and buried within your apps and web interface.
  • Filter Tweets by Source – Add Tweetdeck’s killer feature to remove the “Tweet old Post” and Paper.li noise.
  • Reduce Trend Spam – Trending topics are home to a copious amount of spam and malicious links. If you’re going to continue to push Trends you must fix this.
  • Treat Twitter Search’s short term memory loss. If it happened more than 3 days ago you must turn to @Topsy or your Friendfeed archive to find it.

Twitter you’re amazing but stop resting on your success.

Your Turn

What would you add to the list above? Am I too critical?

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