Exchange 2003 Security Tab Hack

This is a documented registry hack for Windows 2003 Exchange. By default Exchange 2003’s System Manager does not display the Security Tab, so you cannot modify the permissions. The default position is that when you check any of the Exchange Organization objects, there is no Security Tab.

The solution – Security TabShowSecurityPage Registry setting DWORD

To display the permissions tab, make this change to the registry.

1. Here is the correct path to navigate:
HKEY_Current_UserSoftware MicrosoftExchangeExAdmin.
2. Once you reach the above section of the registry you need to create a DWORD called ShowSecurityPage.
3. A value of 1 (Numeric one) means on, whilst 0 (Zero) means off.
4. Close the Exchange System Manger, then reopen (no need for a reboot).

Now why isn’t this done by default?

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