Ethereal become Wireshark

So I’m only a few months behind, but Ethereal (the ubiquitous packet sniffer) has now become Wireshark. I’ve been using Packetyzer from the Network Chemistry folks for a few months now so I didn’t even know ethereal had changed. Current version appears to be 0.99.3

Also on the Wireshark site there is a Network Toolkit, offered in paid and a free incarnations. The free version has a few open tools bundled together in a web interface, such as:

Angry IP scanner
DOS Command Prompt

It appears that the kit will run well from a thumbdrive.

The kit is ok, but I use these tools seperately already and the GUI just slows me down, not to mention I can’t figure out why someone would choose the paid version.

Never the less, thought I’d share.

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