Email Ettiquette 101

I am constantly horrified by misuse and abuse of email. I’m not speaking of spam, I’m talking about otherwise savvy users that seem to be oblivious to proper email etiquette. Microsoft Office online has an excellent piece on “12 tips for better email etiquette”. A few of my favorites with my comments included.

Don’t send chain letters, virus warnings, or junk mail.
-Don’t waste my time. First check out the story with or for accuracy. Then, to be honest, even if it is true I probably don’t care or I saw it back in 1997 when it started making the email rounds. If you really think I’d like to see it then forward away.

Use a signature that includes contact information.
-I wish I could count the number of times a contact or client has emailed me asking me to call them and they don’t include a phone number in their signature. If you use your email for business then make your signature something other than just your first name.

Use the blind copy and courtesy copy appropriately.
-This is numero uno with me. If you do want to email me along with 15,000 other recipients then please include my email in the BCC field. This is the “Blind Carbon Copy” field, it allows me to receive a copy of the email without my address being plastered across the internet.

They are several more suggestions for proper email use included in the article. I hope it serves as a reminder, enjoy.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You might also like to try reading The 7 Deadly Sins of Email on Tetsou which adds and expands on a few points.


  2. Tsu Doh Nimh says:

    I would be glad to but the site requires me to establish a free Tetsou account. Strange when the site only displays two posts, one from Aug 2006, one from July 2007. If you would like to provide a free link to the paper I’d be happy to update the post for my readers otherwise I will consider this post to be comment spam.

    Thank you for your time.

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