Email and Social Identity

Quick quiz: Name the largest social network on Earth.

Hint: It isn’t Facebook and it’s 40 years old.thumbprint2


It’s easy to overlook but your lowly email address is an integral part of your digital identity and social profile.

Your email address is your social thumbprint.

It is the common identity factor and the one piece of information that shouldn’t change. Here’s why:


The moment you join Facebook or Twitter they immediately want to connect you to people you already know and the default method is searching your address book.


Is the email you use to communicate the same email you register social networks?

While many of us have multiple email addresses for a variety of reasons this is reason enough to consider having everything tied to a single address and making sure that address is permanent.


@ChrisBrogan shares this lesson he learned from @JeffPulver,

“You live and die by your databases”

In other words, you are only as effective as your address book. This is true whether you are doing email marketing to 100,000 or just keeping tabs on friends and business partners.

Email is the glue that ties your social world together.

Need proof? Take a look at the innovation happening around email:

  • Rapportive – A Gmail add-on that shows me your latest tweets and links to your social profiles
  • Xobni – An Outlook add-on that includes your social connections and our recent email conversations
  • MailChimp Social Pro – Analyzes your mailing list so you can identify who is active on which social networks. (Influencer Identifier)

Smart folks will be relying on these networks to find your social presence and having it tied to the hotmail address you created when you were 15 isn’t the way to create visibility.


The social web is constantly evolving and as our presences are scattered across the web it’s absolutely necessary to have 2 homebases that are constant.

  • Your website
  • Your email

Tie your identity to digital spaces that you alone control.

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2 responses to “Email and Social Identity”

  1. Thanks for this, Keith. So often people are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. Or, they’re overthinking and forget about the obvious, which, incidentally, is rarely as obvious as it seems in retrospect.

    Love that previous post too about branding yourself with email. Even a whole year ago you had your act together. Mm-mm.

    • Keith says:

      No Thank you Samantha.

      I think you are exactly right that people don’t know where to start. There are so many excellent options when it comes to getting a professional email address and most are very inexpensive.

      That’s why folks like us are here – guides, coaches, and sherpas to show a better way.

      Thanks again for stopping by I really appreciate it.

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