I haven’t been very vocal about this yet but after seeing the GOP debate we haven’t a moment to lose.

Experience, class, education, wisdom, name recognition, Sen Thompson is just a step above any other candidate in the race. Let’s look at our options:

Giuliani – He won’t unite the right wing. Fundamentalists are going to have serious problems with his history of divorce and stance on abortion and any GOP division will lead to a Dem victory.

McCain – Too moderate, too much of a politician. Most hard live conservatives would rather just pass on than vote for a thorn like McCain. Not to mention he doesn’t stand a chance against a name brand Dem candidate.

Romney – Yeah right, snowballs chance in … First, he’s Mormon. Yes I said it. Like it or not it is a safe bet that his religion alone would cost him %30 or the fundamentalist vote. Him being a RINO would cost him the other %70.

That leaves? 7 guys that couldn’t beat Kucinich on a good day. Heck, I can’t even remember their names; other than Huckabee and that’s only because he was my governor.

None of these candidates can withstand the liberal onslaught while steal getting a message of ideas out to the American Public. Fred Thompson can. He is quite possibly the most perfect candidate I’ve ever seen.

If you’d like to learn more of his politics of demeanor you can start with this YouTube Playlist. specifically make sure to see “Thompson on the issues”. His answers are clear and obviously genuine. They are not spin, they are not processed through a PR filter. They are what he believes. Sen. Thompson is an amazing breath of fresh air in a suffocating room.

Please take a moment to inform yourself about this candidate.

Sen. Thompson, your country needs you sir. Please, run for president sir.

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