Don’t mess with Digg

Don’t mess with Digg….

There is a Digg post about a website defacement (NSFW) made by a spurned lover & “former” website designer. (There is some discussion if this was a publicity stunt, but …)

The defacement is humorous, but the real entertainment lies in the digger comments. So what can we find out about this scorned lover and her relationship?? Probably much more than she’d like

Turns out it is an older woman. She also did these sites:

Phone number in powepoint presentation?link
How about a pic? link
Yahoo Profile? link
Another pic? link
Suspected ex-boyfriend?
Elite Carts, Parts & Scooter Sales, Inc.
Contact: John Cascino
136 South McCall Road
Englewood, FL 34223
Tel/Fax: (941) 475-1697

Suspected ex-boyfriend’s photos? link
Google Map her house? link

Registrant: Coco Hibbitts
2821 Oyster Creek Dr
Englewood, FL 34224

Administrative Contact:
Hibbitts, Colleen
2821 Oyster Creek Dr
Englewood, FL 34224

Suspected route from her place to his? link
Another pic of her? link
Yet another pic? link
Chamber of Commerce role? link

If this was a defacement she definitely has gotten some unwanted attention, if it was a publicity stunt, well it certainly got publicity. I write this post not to shame her, not at all, this post is to serve as a warning so that you can be aware of the vast amount of information that can gathered about you and your life. Scary isn’t it?

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