Does it take 200 products to secure an enterprise?

Network World | Feb 13, 2007 | Andreas M. Antonopoulos

If you accept the premise that security should be holistic and not about silver bullets, then the RSA show floor was big bucket of silver bullets. Hundreds of features disguising themselves as products, loudly touting the latest scare: “Did you know there are ogres lurking in this obscure part of your infrastructure? Anti-OGRE!”

…what would I need to deploy in my enterprise to secure against all these threats? Viruses, worms, rogue wireless, stolen identity, leaked secrets, privilege escalation, zombie armies… I would put in six to seven appliances around every switch, a few more in front of my egress routers and a couple dozen servers in the data center to crunch all the data. I would have a management console for each product and a separate set of policies. All of the different products would send a stream of logs and reports to as many as a dozen consoles. If I only had enough budget left for one staff member, I would put him on a chair with wheels and instruct him to roll up and down in front of the consoles in case he noticed something.

The security industry is suffering from an innovation model that is driven by an arms race. Let’s face it: most of the R&D that matters is done by “them.” The security innovation is almost always reactive.

…This industry needs to replace single vendor tightly coupled integration with multi-vendor protocol-based interoperability.

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