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I may be unique in my stance concerning communication preferences but I completely agree with the premise of this study. IM and Email allow me to be more productive.

As a matter of fact allow me to take it one step further. Don’t call me. This sounds rude after 120 years of human conditioning that we have a responsibility to answer the phone when it rings but I truly loathe telephones. I much prefer to communicate over IM or email. There are notable exceptions, 1) Time sensitive or emergency situations 2)When I want to catch up with a friend and just talk. Otherwise I’d much rather pass information through a text format so that I can process, document, and respond in a thoughtful and measured manner. It is simply less disruptive and I can process 10 emails in the time that a normal phone conversation occurs.

It’s easy to love science you agree with.

3 responses to “Could IM make you more productive?”

  1. Ken Stewart says:

    You and I think very much alike in this regards. I actually just decided to install a corporate IM server for this very reason. Email was becoming a staple way of communication in the office, now I hope to transition these ad hoc “meetings” to a more real time client.

    I will share that 1 cardinal rule I have found – if the conversation takes a bad turn – quit e-mailing; get on the phone or call a quick meeting and get it settled because one thing you do loose in e-mail is approach.

    I have also forced myself to follow 1 rule of netiquette in e-mail and that is to always start the e-mail by wishing someone well or asking how they are doing…

  2. Tsu Doh Nimh says:

    Two fantastic recommendations. I need to be more mindful concerning both tips.


  3. JC Payne says:

    First of all, thanks for the comments to my blog.

    IMing is growing on me considerably, especially since I can communication on a lot of less productive conversations (my friends who just what to see whats up or my wife who wants me to pick up milk) in manageable bits and pieces.

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