Coughlin pleads guilty & proves stupidity

Just an observation on Wal-Mart’s Vice Chairman Tom Coughlin’s guilty plea –

Coughlin has plead guilty to 5 counts of wire fraud and 1 count of filing a false income tax return. The 5 counts of wire fraud stem from five instances between 96 and 01 where Coughlin pocketed a sum total of…. $14,395.

Take note that this is from the guy that claimed $1,669,591 on a 2000 tax return. This is the false tax return that the IRS said he earned “significantly” more than the reported 1.67 million.

So a VP of Wal-Mart earning approx 2 mill a year embezzeled $15 grand in services, beer, and hunting goods. That’s just beautiful.

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