Chain Calendar by Seinfeld

This is one of the best motivation and productivity tips I’ve ever heard. It is simple, very effective, and it was first shared by none other than Jerry Seinfeld.

Purchase a large yearly wall calendar and hang it in a prominent place. Then get a large Red Marker. Set out to perform “your task” each day. Whether that task is writing every day, blogging everyday, working out, whatever your daily goal is, if you accomplish it that day you get to place a large red “X” over the day. The last step is simple.

Don’t break the chain.

Although it’s the middle of the year I guess I”m going to have to buy a 08 Calendar so I can begin. Any ideas of the best way to incorporate this into Outlook or Online calendars?

Originally found at Life in Fast Forward, thanks for the tip John.

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  1. Brandi says:

    This is great! For an online calendar I would make it a “repeat everyday” event in ALL CAPS bold. When it’s done everyday I would then add an ALL CAPS red (if possible) X… or possibly delete the event for that day if the before mentioned is not possible or deleting is faster… Rock on Jerry! 😉

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