Notice of GPG Key Update

This is a notice that as of Apr 2, 2016 my GPG key has been replaced. My previous key has been revoked and my new key has been published to the keyserver pool. This change was to improve the quality and security of my GPG keys.

My new GPG Key is

 Key fingerprint: 95E3 8B55 9E9F 15BA AF41 CFB7 4390 FB8A C4C5 3435
 Key ID  (long): 0x4390FB8AC4C53435
 Key ID (short): 0xC4C53435


  1. I have verified my key at
  2. I have published the public key to my website at
  3. I have updated by twitter profile with my GPG Key ID at

Keith S. Crawford
2016-04-03 00:26


You may view a signed copy of this announcement here to verify it’s authenticity.

An open letter to my Senators

gadsden-flag-dont-tread-on[To my Readers: The following is an open letter that I’ve sent to my elected representatives. While I fully support the Internet Protest today I’ve chosen not take down my site because where else would I have the freedom and power to publish to the world… and isn’t that the point. Help fight Internet Censorship]

Dear Senator Boozman and Senator Pryor,

I am a constituent and I’m asking you to defend liberty by rejecting the Internet Blacklist Bills (PROTECT IP Act in the Senate and the Stop Online Piracy Act in the House).

I’m confident you’ve heard from lobbyists and well funded supporters of these bills but I ask you to consider the ramifications of this legislation and make a decision that is best for the people you represent and in accordance with the principles this country was founded upon.

“Effectively, this bill gives the attorney general the power to fully censor foreign sites that the government does not have jurisdiction to take down directly. The most immediate example is WikiLeaks — under such an order, your ISP would be forced to block your access to Wikileaks. Once the technical means to do this are in place, then it becomes very easy for this power to be extended. Implementing censorship protocols and giving the keys to the government is a scary, scary thing, and SOPA should be opposed simply based on this provision alone” – Why SOPA is Dangerous by Chris Heald

Is that the America you envision?

Not me. And I vote.

PS: Rep. Griffin I will not soon forget you were a co-sponsor.

Join me at Wordcamp Fayetteville

I’m thrilled to be headed back to Wordcamp Fayetteville this year and whether you’re grizzled guru or just discovering WordPress you should really make plans to attend.

The conference is Sat., July 30th at the Reynolds Center on the U of A campus and there are still tickets available.

Wordcamp is an amazing opportunity to learn about WordPress and network with bloggers, designers, and developers. Without Wordcamp I wouldn’t have met great folks like @evolvedmommy and @sugarcube or the wordpress guru that is @studionashvegas. Not to mention you never know what hijinks @cottonr and I will be up to.

WordCampFayetteville-Speaking-250px-2011Finally, by what I’m sure is a terrible oversight, I’ve been invited to speak. Join me at 4pm for “Getting things done published”. I’ll be sharing tools and tips that comprise my blogging survival guide for busy people.

After you check out Wordcamp Fayetteville, you can follow my Twitter list of speakers, and keep an eye on #wcfay.

See you in Fayetteville.

PS: Follow @wcfay on Twitter or like WordCamp Fayetteville on Facebook

2 New Features of Facebook Pages You Should Take Advantage of Immediately

Facebook has released a major upgrade to Facebook Pages and there are a couple ew features that you should take advantage of right away.

Use Facebook as “page”

The importance of this feature is not to be underestimated because it finally allows you to use Facebook as your business or brand.

use_asOnce you upgrade your page you’ll notice an option on the right sidebar “Use Facebook as [YourPageName]”

The next step is to go and like other pages that are related to your business or brand. Find partners, colleagues, or sites you recommend and like them as your page.

This will give you a page stream of those pages you liked and you can comment and interact as your page. You can’t friend people or comment on individuals posts as your page but that’s the way it should be. Network, interact, and add value all as your page and the payoff in visibility is tremendous.

Highlight Admins

If you are a local business or small organization this is a great way to show the faces behind your brand. It adds legitimacy and transparency.

To enable it, go to your page dashboard, then “Featured


You can choose to highlight anyone that is an admin of the page.

This feature might not be right for every organization but it’s definitely worth considering.


This is finally the business accounts that Facebook has long needed. It’s a smart move to enable features while creating a wall between personal and business use.

This is a significant change for Facebook and for more info on the new features check out New Facebook Pages: Everything You Need to Know by and see the official Facebook Pages Manual

Official Facebook Pages Manual

Notes from the Field

fieldnotes_smallA jumble of what I found useful and interesting of late…

If you only read one post about social marketing this week make it this one,

The Significance Manifesto”, by @umairh

Educate, elevate, and enlighten. I’m bored that most boardrooms see me as a "consumer," not a person. Business as usual shouts relentlessly at me to buy, buy, buy–to run faster and faster on a treadmill of hyper-consumption. But most–if not all–of it fails to make me healthier, wealthier, happier–or even slightly more interesting

Learn to master Twitter’s Advanced Search in 3 minutes –

HOW TO: Use Twitter’s Advanced Search by Mashable


As someone that lives and dies by email I strongly endorse these 10 tips from @the99percent

Email Etiquette for the Super-Busy – Learn it, love it, live it; I’ll love you for it.

If you’re into productivity you should check out a couple recent posts of my own,


I’m not the only hashtag evangelist – @RobinSloan has published 2 great posts about hashtags on the Twitter Media blog.

And in case you missed it I shared tips on effective hashtag usage using the Sugar Bowl as a case study.

Football, Hashtags, & Conversation Conversion

Link Dump

2 WordPress performance plugins I’m digging W3 Total Cache and Smush It

And finally, my friend @chad_gardner took a picture of his dog and it earned a spot on the local news’ snow coverage –


Field Notes & Observations

fieldnotes_smallA jumble of things I’m watching and reading that won’t fit into 140.

Things I’m watching

Hashable – from the @hashable twitter bio “post meaningful connections with people and see who else in your community is connecting.”


I first saw this service back in the fall but it’s gaining traction in my network of friends. Hashable encourages you to share you interactions and helps you discover valuable relationships. If you use Twitter for networking I think this is definitely a one to watch. It’s lean and easy to update via a tweet.

Wikileaks – Regardless of your opinion you should be playing close attention to this story and its ramifications for government, technology, & journalism. Here are links to the best analysis and opinions I’ve read:

My 2 cents. Personally I wouldn’t have posted the documents and I think their disclosure will result in more negative outcomes than positive ones. That said I completely support Wikileaks right to post them. Government censorship is a very slippery slope and you don’t get rights back.

New & Nifty

Yes Gawker got hacked and there are new Facebook profiles but I assume you’ve heard about these already.

Intriguing Stats

Forrester Research says that 86% of Foursquare/Gowalla users are younger than 43 years old, more than 70% have a college degree and the average income is $105,000 /via @levshapiro

Pew Research says 8% of American adults who use the internet are Twitter users.

Things I’m still waiting on…

Unified Facebook messaging – I’m beginning to think it’s a myth. Still waiting for this to be enabled on my account.

Twitter analytics – @Mashable said that it would debut by the end of 2010. I hope we get something more than celebrity Twitter trees in the next 17 days.

Google Me – Google’s clandestine social network continues to be delayed. I assume they are too busy creating the Google Latitude iPhone app. Yawn inducing.

What did I miss?

New, Notable, & Nifty from the week that was Aug 14

Here’s what I found interesting from the past week.

  1. Hootsuite launched Premium Accounts – I think the plans are reasonable and I’m glad to see such a good service actually show interest in making money. We’ll see how the community responds and this will hopefully open doors for other competitors. (We have Hootsuite joining us for the Cotton Club podcast this coming week so if you have questions let us know.)
  2. WeePlaces released a very cool Foursquare Visualization – They take your checkins and map out your movements. I’m tempted to create a new account and hopscotch around the world to prove there is an issue with accuracy and to make the map visualization spin like a globe.
  3. Gowalla announced released some new Political Events and a Check-in API – Great opportunity for politicians to leverage Gowalla to inform the public about campaign events and the API is a long time coming so let’s hope for more integration in the near future.
  4. Twitter released new Retweet Buttons – Nice idea to have official share buttons but you shouldn’t use them just yet, stick with Topsy’s buttons.
  5. Facebook is testing a topic unsubscribe feature and updated it’s notes composer. In other words the largest social network in the world is discovering tools that internet forums have had for 10 years. *yawn

The fun side

Tune in next week.