California selling SSN’s

From the “you’ve got to be kidding department”:

The Social Security Numbers, addresses, and signatures of more than
650,000 Californians have been available for purchase since 2004 for
about $6 each on a website operated by the Secretary of State’s office.
The revelation was disclosed on March 22nd by Secretary of State Debra
Bowen, who said the Web site had been removed, and added that it was
unclear whether or not the information had ever been tapped to
perpetrate identity-theft crimes. The site contained about 2 million
records, a third of which contained individual borrowers’ information.
Lenders had to establish accounts with the State to buy the information,
but there were no restrictions preventing others from doing the same.
The website was visited about 300 times a day and had more than 28,000
registered users.

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