Behind the Push of WiMax

Ephraim Schwartz at Infoworld has an enlightening article on what may be the driving factors of the push towards WiMax.

We’ve been told for the past two years how much better WiMAX is than Wi-Fi. It has a potential range of 50 miles …, and it is all IP, making WiMAX easier to manage and secure using the same network and infrastructure that’s already in place.

But is it possible there’s another reason carriers such as Sprint and Clearwire are pushing it? Here’s the quote from a Motorola exec that finally lit the lightbulb over my head:

“WiMAX is a licensed spectrum,” says Juan Santiago, senior director of product and strategy at Motorola. “It is a service provider who will provide it. You can’t provide it yourself.” Bingo.

As a licensed spectrum, that must mean someone had to pay for it. Why, that could mean they might make me pay for it — by the minute, the hour, the megabyte?

Sometimes you must push planned obsolescence along or folks might get too comfortable with what they already have.

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