AT&T Wants You to Float Your Security Off into a Cloud

“…Offload it all to your carrier, put the DMZ into the cloud,”

This is a very thought provoking article that centers around a talk given by Edward G. Amoroso, chief security officer for AT&T, at the Ziff Davis Enterprise’s Security Summit 2007.

I can’t say that I agree with Amoroso’s conclusion that ISP’s should be more proactive concerning content security in order to alleviate overwhelmed endpoing networks (you & me).Initially the concept appears attractive but I’m nagged by the law of unintended consequences. If these security services were purely optional, pay for services then I could support the idea. Otherwise I’d prefer the ISP to maintain the provider role instead of adopting a (ISR)regulator role.

However, Amoroso has some excellent quotes that I must echo and amen.

“We’ll say, ‘[Check out] UDP 1712, something’s brewing. Looks like a worm is coming.’ And they say, ‘Oh.’ We ask, ‘You got anything coming in? Anything going out?’ They say, ‘I dunno.’ And you say, ‘you shouldn’t be running a network. If you can’t monitor and understand goesintas and goesouttas of your network, you shouldn’t be running a network.”

ISPs delivering attacks to our laptops and not lifting a finger to stop them…Right now the situation is we don’t look at anything, we don’t touch it, don’t sniff it. We pass it along, truck bombs and all,” he said. Then again, who wants their ISP sniffing around at their surfing habits? Amoroso said.”

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