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icon_072Back in the dark ages of Twitter (2009) @LT kick-started tweeting in Arkansas with the Arkansas Twitter Guide. The conversation has exponentially expanded and we are now seeing a meteoric rise in use of Arkansas specific hashtags. As an advocate of hashtag usage this is a great trend to keep Arkansans informed and spawn further conversation but we need a hashtag directory.

So let’s collaborate and build one.

Here is my initial list of Arkansas (1-13) hashtags in no particular order and the community suggestions begin at 14.

  1. #ARwx – Arkansas Weather
  2. #AReq – Arkansas Earthquakes
  3. #ARpx – Arkansas Politics
  4. #ARleg – Arkansas State Legislative Tweets
  5. #WPS – “Official” hashtag of Razorback Athletics (translation Woo Pig Sooie)
  6. #GoHogs – unofficial but popular hashtag of Razorback Athletics
  7. #ARpreps – High School Football
  8. #NWArk – Northwest Arkansas region
  9. #LRtweetup – Little Rock Tweetup
  10. #UCABears – University of Central Arkansas Athletics
  11.  #ARgop – Arkansas Republican Party
  12. #ARKdems – Arkansas Democratic Party
  13. #AR1 #AR2 #AR3 #AR4 – Arkansas Congressional Districts
  14. #DogtownLife – North Little Rock – suggested by @bryanjones
  15. #NEA – Northeast Arkansas region – suggested by @karndawn
  16. #EurekaSprings – Eureka Springs, AR – suggested by @eurekadowntown
  17. #ARWB – Arkansas Women Bloggers

Submit a Hashtag: Leave a comment with a suggestion and brief description.


(subject to adjustment)

  • Hashtag must be focused on an Arkansas specific region, repeating event, community, or topic
  • Hashtag must be used by someone other than just you   Amended: Some regional/municipal hashtags may not be widely used but if they are useful to help spur or organize conversation I think I’ll include them.
  • No hashtag trends or humor, yes we all love #rejectedarkansasmottos but this list is to highlight ongoing interests

PS: Look for a more official directory in the days to come. If you are interested in helping build the directory or give early feedback let me know.

22 responses to “Arkansas Hashtag Directory”

  1. Just one technical correction: Official names are The Democratic Party of Arkansas and The Republican Party of Arkansas. And even if you’re not going for official names, it’s not Democrat Party — it’s Democratic Party.

  2. Bryan Jones says:

    I would like to write in a vote for #DogtownLife.

  3. Bryan Jones says:

    I would like to write in a vote for #DogtownLife.

  4. Luke Morris says:

    This is more of a consistency peeve than anything, but why ARgop but ARKdems? I know the Democratic party uses ARKdems for its URL and Twitter account, but the inconsistency could screw with conversations as you try to remember which one takes the K and which doesn’t.

    • Keith says:

      It’s a tough spot for them. Everything Arkansas related has gained an AR prefix but maintaining the consistency across URL/Twitter/Hashtag is also desirable.

      Do you think #ARdem would facilitate conversation? Not that it matters, @arkdems:twitter  sets the tag.

  5. Stephanie says:

    #479 and #Nwa are used a lot in the northwest area. The former stays local unless someone gets to #479 in a list of 500 of something. #Nwa is useless geographically because there is a much larger following of the rap group of the same name from the 80s (think eazy e). I like #nwark a lot!
    #nea stands for several things, not least of which is the national education association, so I doubt that one would be an easy spot to find local conversation.

    • Keith says:

      I looked at NWA and I agree the hashtag isn’t useful for regional discussions. #479 isn’t valuable because numerical hashtags don’t really work in Twitter. A search for #479 returns any mention of 479 even if it is in a shortened URL. Not sure of the technical reasoning for this but it prevents relevant conversations using #479. I think #NWark is the best option and #NEark would probably be a better fit for the NE region.

      Thanks Stephanie

  6. Jacqueline says:

    I like to use #eurekasprings. But then, I’m working from there and also manage the @eurekadowntown feed. I do know there are other Eurekas and Eureka Springs out there.

  7. Arkansas Women bloggers says:

    #ARWB – Arkansas Women Bloogers

  8. […] social media guru Keith Crawford is doing a neat thing. He’s launched the Arkansas Hashtag Directory, a list of local Twitter hashtags of note, including those for Arkansas weather (#ARwx), politics […]

  9. Anonymous says:

    #RunWithThePack official Arkansas State athletic marketing
    #RedWolves and #ArkSt used by fans

  10. Jessie Newburn says:

    I’ve been enjoying your posts on the importance of hashtags. And I agree. Here’s a post I wrote for the community where I live and it includes the list of local hashtags we’ve created … and are starting to use –

  11. Michele Linch says:

    #asta Arkansas State Teachers Association (non-union option for educators)

    #arked Arkansas education tweets

  12. JackieWolven says:

    #OnlyinEureka – for Eureka Springs

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