Are you missing Retweets?

The ReTweet. That simple act that spreads your content to a larger community. It’s powerful, it’s viral, and it’s important to monitor these little acts of kindness.

But are you missing some of your retweets?

If you are using a twitter client the answer is probably Yes.

You may not know that several twitter clients don’t show the new form of retweets in your mentions tab. I’m hoping this changes in the near future but until it then here is any easy way to ensure you don’t miss any retweets.

Does your twitter client show the new RTs in mentions?

The first step is to determine if your twitter client shows all the retweets. You need to compare your mentions via the client vs. mentions via the web.

Go to and search for “RT @{Your_Username}”. This search will show everyone that retweeted you using both the old and new methods.

For example a search for “RT @tsudo” revealed the following tweet that I’d missed.


Yikes! I missed a RT by the very company I was tweeting about. This is poor listening on my part and I want it to stop so here’s my fix.

See all your ReTweets

Subscribe to the RSS feed of your search results.

At the top right of the the twitter search result page you’ll see a “Feed for this query” option. This will output the search results to an RSS feed.


The end result looks like this.


We’ll hope our twitter apps make this process unnecessary soon but until then use RSS to never miss a retweet.

If you are new to RSS check out the RSS in Plain English video by @CommonCraft and then try out my favorite RSS reader, Google Reader.


p class=”note”>I neglected to mention that you can also see the new style retweets at the RTs by others page as well.

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