Anti-virus vs. Non-Admin

Aaron Margosis has a blog post that should serve as a clarion call about the state of antivirus today.

“With today’s threat landscape and the way malware works today, you are better off running as non-admin WITHOUT anti-virus than you are running as admin WITH anti-virus.

If your anti-virus/anti-spyware/anti-malware software requires that you run as administrator in order to protect you, GET RID OF IT. It is not worth the cost. As Paul Coddington put it, it’s “sort of like having a burglar alarm that only works when your house is unlocked and the doors are open.”

With the worsening state of anti-malware software protection I am becoming an advocate of designing server-client networks where all the user data files stay on the server and the workstation itself has software that prevents any changes to the hard drive, like Deepfreeze or Centurion Guard.

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