An open letter to my Senators

gadsden-flag-dont-tread-on[To my Readers: The following is an open letter that I’ve sent to my elected representatives. While I fully support the Internet Protest today I’ve chosen not take down my site because where else would I have the freedom and power to publish to the world… and isn’t that the point. Help fight Internet Censorship]

Dear Senator Boozman and Senator Pryor,

I am a constituent and I’m asking you to defend liberty by rejecting the Internet Blacklist Bills (PROTECT IP Act in the Senate and the Stop Online Piracy Act in the House).

I’m confident you’ve heard from lobbyists and well funded supporters of these bills but I ask you to consider the ramifications of this legislation and make a decision that is best for the people you represent and in accordance with the principles this country was founded upon.

“Effectively, this bill gives the attorney general the power to fully censor foreign sites that the government does not have jurisdiction to take down directly. The most immediate example is WikiLeaks — under such an order, your ISP would be forced to block your access to Wikileaks. Once the technical means to do this are in place, then it becomes very easy for this power to be extended. Implementing censorship protocols and giving the keys to the government is a scary, scary thing, and SOPA should be opposed simply based on this provision alone” – Why SOPA is Dangerous by Chris Heald

Is that the America you envision?

Not me. And I vote.

PS: Rep. Griffin I will not soon forget you were a co-sponsor.

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