Amnesty Irrational

Amnesty Irrational | Jamie Weinstein | May 31 2007 | American Spectator

This is a very disturbing article on the focus of Amnesty International from Jame Weinstein at the American Spectator.

“With the recent release of its annual human rights report, Amnesty International is again proving itself useless and feckless, despite some noble goals and the potential to do good…”

“…instead of maintaining a worldwide scope and focusing on the gravest human rights abuses, Amnesty disproportionately targets one country: the United States.

Nothing illustrates this better than the numbers. According to the figures included in its 2007 report, Amnesty says it has released 13 country reports on the United States in 2006. This includes one document entitled “Stonewalled — still demanding respect: Police abuses against lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender people in the USA” and one entitled “Amnesty International’s continuing concerns about taser use.”

While Amnesty was busily writing these reports about taser use in the U.S., Kim Jong-il in North Korea continued his sadistic rule. Despite the systematic human rights abuses which are daily fare in that country, the group wrote precisely zero country reports on North Korea in 2006. South Korea, by contrast, was the subject of two. Perhaps too many people were assigned to the taser issue to take notice.

In fact, Amnesty produced more country reports on the United States than on Cuba, Syria, North Korea, the Palestinian Authority, China, Iran, and Saudi Arabia combined.”

Such potential, Such waste. It’s a shame that this is what AI has become.

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