America’s Myopic News

I’m sick of what is now considered news.

The 24-hour cable news stations are using sensationalism and “Newsmagazine” pieces in place of actual news. Their insatiable need to fill round the clock broadcasts has left them covering stories that neither educate nor inform their viewers. From Fox News to CNN we are being fed a self-obsessed cycle of inconsequential reporting. In stark contrast stands the BBC World News. I watch their newscast in bewilderment wondering why I don’t hear these stories in the American news media. Understanding the law of supply and demand I must hold us, the American news consumer, partially responsible. We are more interested in one teenage blond girl being allegedly abducted/murdered in Aruba than what is happening throughout the world. This is extremely alarming. In today’s global economy and internet age it is more important than ever to be educated about current events worldwide. We are drifting towards a current-events-isolationism in the most interconnected time in mankind’s history. When you find yourself listening to one of these “puff” pieces pause and ask yourself if the news piece is making you a better consumer or citizen. If the answer is no I invite you to turn it off.

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