Adios I.T., the cloud is here


Yesterday Network World published a ground breaking prediction by Gartner,

“20% of businesses will get rid of all I.T. assets as they move to cloud”

Outlandish statements make for good headlines but as a prediction it’s woefully ignorant and incomplete. I assume the truth doesn’t translate into pageviews.

The truth is that I.T. infrastructure is on the verge of a radical rethinking. Cloud computing is coming but this doesn’t mean all your IT assets are going away. Internet connections, switches, routers, firewalls, and desktop computers are still required to access cloud resources.

Predictions are a fools errand, as Gartner proves so well, but a blind man can see how cloud computing will radically change infrastructure from the enterprise to the small-to-medium business (SMB) market.

Take the example of providing file sharing and email services to an SMB.

The traditional method requires purchasing a couple of servers, $4000+ worth of software, and a smattering of supporting tech. Most of which will need to be replaced every 3-4 years. The total cose of ownership (TCO)  is still there as I’ve explained before but consider an alternative cloud model.

Microsoft has rolled out a Business Productivity Online Suite that provides Exchange, Sharepoint, Office Communications, and Live meeting starting at $10 a month per user. $10!

Google, Adobe and a host of others are racing into this market at full speed.

That my friend is a radical shift.

I.T. is going to change. Always has, always will.

Cloud computing will not be the answer to everything nor will it be the end of I.T. as we know it, but it is going to challenge big iron in small shops.

Hat tip to Ken Camp for bringing this bit of hilarity to my attention

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