I'm normally not this buttoned up

I’m normally not this buttoned up

Hi. I’m Keith.

I’m the Solutions Architect of Managed Services for Mainstream Technologies, an engineer, and a man trying to seek Christ, serve my family, and love my neighbor.

I struggle with doing instead of being. It’s a journey and I hope and I blog in the hope I might encourage fellow travelers.

The words I share here usually center around a few core themes:

  • seeking to love God first and love my neighbor as myself
  • servant leadership
  • technology
  • security/privacy
  • productivity


I married an amazing lady, I have 2 astounding kids and my dog thinks I’m awesome. I was born and raised in Arkansas and I traveled enough to truly appreciate the Natural State and this little-big town of Little Rock that I call home.


Et cetera

I’m a weather geek, storm watcher, Disaster Relief Chaplain, and a lover of kayaking. If you read this far then by all means please say Hi. I’d love to hear from you.